Aus_boatpeopleYes take his land, yes take his bread, yes take his life and shoot him dead.
He’s free to roam, he’s free to be, just don’t ask me for anything.
We’ve got your numbers, got your names, you people are all half insane.
We’ll finish this and take your health, for benefit of the Commonwealth.

And in the end when you’re all gone, who’ll say that we had done you wrong?
We gave you cash on plastic card, so don’t blame us that life is hard.
We tried our best to make you white, but you get drunk by day and night.
We broke you in with good intention, with government and intervention

slavery_ausThen take your kids to educate, to shut their mouths and sit up straight.
Don’t answer back, don’t question me, this isn’t your democracy.
You see my friends it’s all a game, we won, you lost, we’re smart, you’re lame.
So now you see the truth is clear, you’re finished, and we don’t really care.

But truth be told, you’ll make a fuss, you were here before, you’ll outlast us.
The land alive know she the wrongs, rich with your blood, earth in your songs.
The comforter who this way comes, speaks to you, through children’s tongues.
That time is near, then man will say, what have we done? Come judgement day.

Copyright 2013 by ©Vincent Pereira™. All rights reserved.
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